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About Me

I've been a Sex Worker for 8+ years!

Through out my years in the sex industry I have worked on the streets having a pimp, I worked independently as an online escort, I worked for escort agencies, and I danced at a small strip club for a short period of time. It took me many years, and many lessons learned to get to where I am today. I got into the industry through a sex trafficking situation, being kidnapped by a pimp when I was 13/14 years old. In 2014 when I was  21, I appeared on the documentary "Underworld Inc Season 1 Episode 2: Sex Inc" where I talked about some of my experiences as a street based sex worker in the SF bay area. I took them to International Blvd in Oakland, where I used to work as a teen. This documentary was aired in 2105 and can still be found on Hulu. Not long after that appearance, I went on to open my own escort agency/assistant service called "Ultimate Fantasy Girls". After about a year passed I ended up getting arrested for "Promoting Prostitution as a Business" and I was facing 10 years in Prison for simply helping other women. I took a deal dropping the felony to a misdemeanor & when I go off probation in 2015, I fled to Nevada to start working Legally in Brothels. I am now on a Quest to Expand My Brand from Legal Brothels to Porn, Promotional Modeling, & being featured in Music Videos!

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