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Be My Sugar Daddy

Are you looking for a long term arrangement with a younger Sugar Baby? Monthly arrangements can often be ideal for both parties. VS escorting / seeing me at Alien Cathouse. You'll get much more time with me for what you'll spend and you'll get to know me on a more personal level. When I have an arrangement, my sugar daddy becomes priority over any other clients. 

I am open to meet weekly / few times a week starting at 5k a month, where as at the brothel I charge $1500 for 60-90min. If you know you like to see the same girl on a regular basis and would love to get to know me better - Being my Sugar Daddy might work best for you!

What Am I Looking for?

I'm looking for a SD who can help Someone who can be a trusted friend & mentor in business, giving me moral support & advice to help me reach my goal. Someone that would enjoy meeting weekly, going on outings together, who is interested in my intelligence as well!

What Makes Me a Good Sugar Baby?

I'm an excellent Sugar Baby for a married man or a man busy with business frequently! A man who is still looking for some bit of privacy in their personal life. (not looking for a live in situation or romance) A man who simply misses with a younger, gorgeous woman. Not only do I have good looks but I'm trustworthy, hard working, intelligent, and I stand up for what I believe in! Maybe I'm the firecracker & excitement you've been missing? Let's set up a date to get to know each other!

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